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This month's Pledge Design - Horse Angels Rescue Group of Chester County, PA

My friend Penny works tirelessly along with her volunteer crew to share pictures and videos of auction and kill pen horses (at risk for being shipped to slaughter) in hopes of saving them and finding them forever homes. As many as possible are “rescued” and taken to Penny’s farm each week to be assessed, treated if necessary and quarantined.  Some just need lots of TLC and feed.  Often times, horses are saved that require funding for "bail", transport and medical care before new homes are found for them.  Our Horse Angel's "Pledge Design" shirts benefit these horses every day!  100% of all profits from these shirts go to the Horse Angels' rescue horses.  Furthermore, if you are interested in adopting one of these horses and providing them with a forever home, please visit Horse Angels on Facebook.


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* Any design with the Horse Angels Logo, Wings or Feathers will generate a donation to Penny's Horse Angels of Chester County.  :)