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About Us

What is Horseful Heart? 

Horseful Heart is an emotion, a lifestyle, a culture.  It’s a feeling that is as deeply embedded in us as the air we breathe.  From the time we were quite young, or possibly older, somewhere along our timeline, the great spirit of the horse galloped up to us at full speed and we embraced it with all of our heart. As you know, it’s not a “condition” we ever outgrow or “recover” from.  The horse spirit becomes part of us forever…embedded in our “horseful heart”.  (If your eyes are tearing or you have a lump in your throat right now…you are one of us!)  From that moment on, we dreamed of riding, owning a horse, competing, going to the Olympics or possibly owning our own dream farm, saving rescues, or becoming a veterinarian.  Sound familiar?  Me too!  When you wear our signature logo design, you make a statement that perhaps only other “horsey” peeps will fully understand.  Never the less, everyone will see that your “heart is full”. 
Where it all began

I can’t remember when my love for horses embraced me.  Seems like forever.  I started by playing with model horses and sat on a pony for the first time as a small toddler. I got my first pony, a sweet little Shetland, named “Black Jack” at seven years old. That led to larger ponies, horses, 4H, Pony Club, and even the A-rated show circuit!  I worked very hard at my riding and becoming a good “horse person”…read everything I could get my hands on, learned from the very best in our industry. Needless to say, my “heart was full”.
Where it is going

In many ways I have achieved most of the “horsey” goals on my bucket list. As I cross them off, I put on new aspirations.  I like to constantly raise the bar.  I love the quote by Jiminy Cricket…”If you don’t have a dream…then how can you have a dream come true?”  One of my many mantras…”Dream big or don’t dream at all”.  That by the way, led to this website. It is a culmination of my love for horses, my artwork and my spirit of entrepreneurship and contributing to a great cause.  Please join us!! 
Giving Back

Part of the foundation of Horseful Heart is to give back to the equestrian community and contribute to horses in need. With your support, we will continue to help rescue horses each and every day!  You will find our featured “Pledge Design” on our homepage.  The Pledge Design is our original art piece designed logo shirt to raise money for a great cause.  We will donate 100% of the profit on this design to that organization.  It’s a win, win.  You get an awesome shirt that you can wear with pride and thanks to your support, a horse in need gets a chance at a new life.  Please read more by clicking “Pledge design” at the top.

How can you be a part?

Well obviously, every time you buy a cool shirt or contribute by buying our “Pledge Design” shirt, you are joining us on our “Horseful Heart” mission.  Is there more you ask?  Glad you asked!  We thought it would be fun to share your picture wearing one of our shirts on our new blog page. Maybe we can even share some of the awesome rescues that have benefited from our “Pledge design Shirts”.  Ready set go!  Instagram #horsefulheart. 
** All my designs are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced or plagiarized under penalty of the law.  My hope is that you love these designs enough to purchase a product here on my website and help support these wonderful programs and rescue horses in need. Thank you! Michele